Vintage instruments

Instruments back to life
The charm of a historical instrument

For years we have dedicated ourselves to the restoration of historical instruments, driven by the desire to bring back to life instruments that in past ages lived in the first Beat Club in the early 60s, where the audience enjoyed for the first time the musical revolution with distorted electric guitars, ecclesiastical organs played indecorously, screaming schizophrenic almost to blow up the speakers. In a few words, in those years the Rock was born, a musical movement that, even with different evolutions, still shakes the hair. Removing from oblivion an instrument abandoned for years in a cellar, in an old warehouse, or even in a henhouse has been an important mission for us. We want to share with you our work of restoring the vintage instruments that we have done together since we met in 2007. The photos are not professional because couldn’t imagine that one day the TEFI Vintage Lab would be born from this simple passion; for travel needs we were forced to repair tools in improvised places, even above the kitchen table sometimes. We hope you enjoy our collection, and we invite you to write us your experience. Long life to vintage, long life to rock!