MACCHERONI BROS – A dual overdrive

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Maccheroni Bros - The GAS Tube

MACCHERONI BROS – A dual overdrive

Product ID: MACSTD01E Per: Guitar effects Typology: Dual Overdrive Price: 218€


The Italo-american masons elderly, the brothers Fred and Mike Maccheroni, having finished their hearty lunch are pleased to bring you into their magical world of sounds made from soft and creamy overdrive to reach aggressive and indomitable saturations.
Maccheroni Bros is a double overdrive consisting of two distinct circuits designed to obtain highly different timbres.
Fred, lanky and placid, is the good brother. He entrusted the dynamic sounds, creamy and delicate thanks to special circuit configuration proprietary PCN.
Mike, stout and short-tempered, however the indomitable brother is responsible for hard-rock sound obtainable from a tube amp pulled by the neck. Its circuit is based on a J-FET stadium.


TEFI Vintage Lab wanted to dedicate this dual overdrive the musician with the need to have a wide range of overdrive sounds for use at any time during execution. It can adjust Fred to have delicate distortions and Mike to the violent, but if necessary can be exchanged role for maximum versatility.

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Impedenza di Ingresso 700 kOhm
Impedenza di Uscita 470 Ohm
Max Gain "FRED" +50dB
Max Gain "MIKE" +66dB
Switch segnale True-bypass
Tensione alimentazione/Assorbimento 9VDC/26mA
Connessione alimentazione/ground Negative tip/negative ground
Alimentazione batteria +9V (6LF22)
Materiale chassis Aluminium, die-cast