JOE BUFFER – Buffer&Splitter

JOE BUFFER – Buffer&Splitter

Product ID: JOESTD01E Per: Bass effects , Guitar effects , Piano/Organ effects Typology: Buffer&Splitter Price: 108€


In spite of appearance gentle and relaxed, the old man Joe Buffer is a tireless worker who knows how to perform crucial tasks without bothering anyone.
Joe Buffer is a buffer made with discrete components in Class-A, with double output to carry out the function of splitter.
We thought about something pocket-sized, simple and effective with minimal components: no footswitches to avoid further parasitic capacitance induced by the contacts with a limited consumption also be used extensively with the internal battery. The principle of the buffer is to obtain a very high input impedance and a very low output impedance, without affect the signal with additional harmonics, pulling out the original tone of the instrument.


Joe Buffer can be placed in any position on your pedalboard, depending on the purpose.

  • At the beginning of the effects chain (just after the fuzz, uncle Gegè hates it) to prevent the degradation in the signal path caused by long connection cables between guitar and chain effects.
  • At the end of the chain, to drive amplifiers and effects correctly (as the Binson Echorec) that present a low input impedance that literally kill the guitar signal.
  • For professional record of the instrument by connecting it directly to the PC’s sound card.
  • As a signal splitter, for example, to drive two amplifiers at the same time or to use the tuner not true bypass without add in the direct chain of effects.

Our intent is to put in the hands of the customer a product refined, reliable and well-finished in every detail. For this reason we use components of the highest reliability and we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products except for the parts subject to wear (eg footswitches, potentiometers, connectors).

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Impedenza di Ingresso 1.3 MOhm
Impedenza di Uscita OUT1 220 Ohm
Impedenza di Uscita OUT2 220 Ohm
Min impedenza di carico pilotabile con attenuazione < 1dB 5 kOhm
Switch segnale No switch mounted
Tensione alimentazione/Assorbimento 9VDC/4mA
Connessione alimentazione/ground Negative tip/negative ground
Alimentazione batteria +9V (6LF22)
Materiale chassis Aluminium, die-cast