BUBOP! – Buffer, Booster, Presence

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BuBoP!, Class-A Buffer & Booster - TEFI Vintage Lab

BUBOP! – Buffer, Booster, Presence

Product ID: BUBSTD01E Per: Bass effects , Guitar effects , Piano/Organ effects Typology: Buffer & Booster Price: 188€


The modern electric musician has to meet various needs, using the minimum number of pedals in a more possible little space. Thus was born Bubop!, handyman stompbox who can find a place anywhere in the effects chain before an overdrive to saturate it more at the end of the chain to elevate the line earnings, to register directly with the instrument in the PC sound card.
It ‘features three different sections, led by three sprightly rascals:

  • Joe Buffer: quiet and placid, is the head of the buffer section.
  • Don Booster: angry and grumpy, manages the booster section and gives a maximum gain of + 20dB.
  • Bill Presence: is optionally activated with the special toggle-switch, works in collaboration with Don Booster to provide a boost of the response on medium low and medium high.


The result of collaboration with many musicians, the Bubop! is one of those pedals that can not miss in the pedalboard. The “guard clip” LED blinks in the event of ignition signals saturating the pedal: useful indication to see if it is the tube amp saturating or not. Bubop! works in Class A: circuit simplicity, transparency and sonic purity.

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Impedenza di ingresso 1.3 MOhm
Impedenza di uscita 150 Ohm
Min impedenza di carico pilotabile con attenuazione < 1dB 5 kOhm
Max gain sezione Booster +20dB
Switch segnale True Bypass
Tensione alimentazione/Assorbimento +9VDC/22mA
Connessione alimentazione/ground Negative tip/negative ground
Alimentazione batteria +9V (6LF22)
Materiale chassis Aluminium, die-cast