THE LeadEr – lead distortion


THE LeadEr – lead distortion

Product ID: LEASTD01E Per: Guitar effects Typology: Lead Distortion Price: 178€


Sustain, a good pinch of musicality and the right dose of nastiness make the rigth recipe for an effective distortion.
The leader of the vintage motorcycle Ignazio “The Leader has skillfully blended these ingredients in order to obtain a Lead Distortion able to impose your musical message to the listener, with the highest authority and definition without annoying grittiness. Designed specifically to shout the electric guitar, both with single coil or humbuker pickups, when it get in the scene becomes the protagonist of the song.
Based on original TEFI Vintage Lab circuit, The Leader is focused on medium range frequencies that can be set up according to the own personal taste using the “Body” and “Presence” controls. The commandSustain” adjusts the length of the note in dependence Solo or Rhythmic needs.


With its 81dB gain, the Leader is designed to create electric guitar lead solos such that they are not obscured by other instruments in the band. The ideal position in the effects chain is immediately after the overdrive and before a delay, in order to have the whole package distortion at your feet!

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Impedenza di Ingresso 700 kOhm
Impedenza di Uscita 470 Ohm
Max Gain +81dB
Switch segnale True-bypass
Tensione alimentazione/Assorbimento 9VDC/25mA
Connessione alimentazione/ground Negative tip/negative ground
Alimentazione batteria +9V (6LF22)
Materiale chassis Aluminium, die-cast