CORNUCOPIA – Tube Overdrive

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CORNUCOPIA – Tube Overdrive

Product ID: CORSTD01E Per: Guitar effects Typology: Tube Overdrive Price: 248€


The cornucopia is a mythological symbol of abundance and prosperity. All the ancient gods loved to surround himself with cornucopias filled with flowers and fruit, but legend tells that the Tevere river God Tiberinus loved electronics and its cornucopia contained a …thermionic tube!
The Cornucopia is a tube overdrive setting remarkable synergy with the guitar, created for those who manage with the dynamic of the pick (or fingers) the classic “scratch” on the speakers that only the thermionic tube can give. The special circuit that we designed takes full advantage of the timeless charm of the 12AX7, biasing it in an operating point which gives sonic characteristics compatible with the Pre-amplifier stages of a tube amplifier when they are pulled by the neck.
In addition to the Gain, Volume and Contour, with a toggle switch you can select two different tube biasing:

  • Soft Bias: for calm and creamy overdrive tones, border line between clean and saturation.
  • Hard Bias: For more violent and fuzzy overdrive tones, typical of  ’70s rock.


We designed this stompbox thinking at a small preamp, for lovers of “blues rock”/rockabilly genre that need to manage the saturation with the dynamic execution without having to set the volume of amplifier to inhuman volumes and also for lovers of hard rock that want to feel under  their fingers the violent potential of the tubes. The adjustment possibilities are endless, and we offer you all these!

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Impedenza di Ingresso 700 kOhm
Impedenza di uscita 470 Ohm
Max Gain +55dB
Tipo di valvola 12AX7, Sovtek o Electro Harmonix
Switch segnale True-bypass
Tensione alimentazione/Assorbimento 12VAC/1A (alimentatore fornito)
Connessione alimentazione 2.1mm
Materiale chassis Aluminium, die-cast